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servicii de investigatii private
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The presentation of the company

KAMMY DETECTIVE - PRIVATE INVESTIGATION SERVICES is a private company specializing in professional investigations, consisting of tracking actions (monitoring), supervision, collecting samples to prove guilt, the gravity of the facts, a search action for witnesses, and so on.

We are in this activity and we enjoy an excellent reputation created over the approximately 12 years of activity; we are glad to provide quality services for personalized and professional investigations offered to all our clients; we are enjoying some crucial statements and the discovery of material evidence, which proved to be important tools in obtaining positive results for the client's lawyer engaged in a civil lawsuit.

We want to get into the heart of each case and discover the truth with essential facts.

As a result, our investigations are driven by results!

In Kammy Detective agency, confidentiality and work secrecy are maintained in any situation, these elements having a very high priority. Customer trust, ethics and morality are the key factors for the company.

Kammy Detective does not charge any consulting fees, and the first official visit is always free. Our reputation for fast, efficient and discreet investigations is very appreciated, and all the services we offer are at competitive prices.

Kammy Detective is the private detective agency that supports its findings in court cases. The administration of evidence (testimonies) is the most important and decisive moment in the conduct of a civil process, because only on the basis of the evidence to be administered, the judge forms his conviction regarding the litigation brought to justice. The lack of management or maladministration of the evidence almost always results in the loss of a trial.

We use performance equipment to get the results you want.

We collect evidence in the form of GPS locations, photos, videos, other official documents, and so on.

We conduct the investigation in a professional, discreet manner, respecting your requests.

We do not take your case unless we are relatively sure of solving.

The agency has own network in Bucharest and also has missions throughout the country and abroad.

We work with law firms and notary offices, judicial liquidators, psychologists, auditors and experts in various fields related to our profession.

Why us?


Because we will provide the evidence administered in strict accordance with the law so that it can be used in the courts of law or any other public or private institution; or simply, you want to know something in the life of a known person (wife / husband, nanny, business partner ...); or you want a clear answer and help you when you have to make decisions about the future (separation, marriage, previous decisions to live together, etc.).

If you have come to visit this site and need to solve a personal, commercial or other matter, do not hesitate to contact us. No matter why nature is your problem, we are trying to help you.

Call us today and talk to an investigator who will try to find a solution, or plan your visit by email: or tel: +40740007831 and we can discuss and analyze every detail of the case your.

Confidentiality remains a obligatory element for both parties.

You need to be sure that we are here to offer you our services, whether you are a lawyer, a businessman or a private person.


Even though we are considered one of the best and acknowledged experts in our field, we can not do miracles. We can not make things exist, if this is not the case.