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servicii de investigatii private
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Frequent questions

Although we hope that our website is in full concordance with your high qualitative standards, we encourage anyone who is interested in our services, to inquire the representatives of the company about the desired information.

We are honoured to help you!

Due to the uniqueness of every case, we would kindly ask you to make an appointment with our investigators and present them your situation, so as to decide the type of the needed investigation.

In order that the client get a better understanding of our company and the way we do business, we shall answer to all questions comming from our customers, with the promise that will submit to the webpages all the customer questions.

Q: . want to contract the services offered by your company. I am afraid that this issue will be made public. Can such a thing happen in reality?

R: Many of our customers are concerned about the confidentiality of our services. Please be sure that the information you provide to our company are strictly secret. Also, the Consultancy services will be strictly confidential. We agree to discuss the case, without knowing from the beginning your identity, up to the moment you are certain that are satisfied with our investigating approach and that we can help you.

Unfortunately, the one confronting with such a case, is right in many cases. This is the reason why you should allow our investigators to bring you the truth. We understand the difficulty in talking to us about the cheating or unfaithful partner, but is crucial to go on with your life and not feel guilty about the created situation.

Do not forget!

We can obtain the evidences more rapidly, and of course, the cost will be more reduced, if we have a tight collaboration. Without information, neither of the parties win.

Without having any reserves, the client should know that the information known by the investigator, are only used to help the customer and for no other reason.

Q: .. a private investigator? Who is, and what does such a private investigator?

R: An investigator, is a secret agent, which works for a police unit or a private company, that collects data and information, or investigates certain cases for natural or juridical persons.

Like in the case of a lawyer, notary, doctor or psychologist the state establishes that certain professions should be licensed in order to protect the public from inexperienced and unqualified companies to perform specific services. The work of a private investigator is strictly confidential and remains between him and the client.

Q: . what are the working procedures of your company?

R: The working procedure of our company are very diversified and belong to customer's discretion, as they are put down in a contract signed by both contracting parties.

Our work procedure is finalized by an investigation or surveillance report, written and signed by the Manager of our company. The report is submitted to the client, together with the invoice that states the total costs of our actions.

Q: . i sit true that a large part of job candidates lie in respect to their previous professional experience?

R: Yes, it is exactly true.

An increasing number of resumes (CVs) contain false and misleading information.

The employers contact such persons, not considering the misleading information about unreal past incomes, false titles, incorrect criminal records, without realizing that this decision could lead to the bankruptcy of the respective company.

Let us consider the disastrous consequences of hiring a doctor with a false diploma.

As a company with private investigators, we recommend the assessment of each employee before it ruins your business.

A private investigator will provide real and trustful information about your employee, closely analyzing and testing all the information in full detail.