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servicii de investigatii private
  • We do not have to be revolted by all this. We entered in a world that lives up by those rules. (Seneca)


Do not forget!

You can contact the private investigator no matter your problem are dealing with!

This is way we offer an extensive service package and specializations in the following fields of activity:

• Mortgage, cadastral and testament corresponding investigations, and so on.

• Investigations concerning the public morality and behaviour of a certain person.

• Investigations concerning the occupation, address, civil status and life style of a certain person.

• Investigations concerning assets which are subject to civil, criminal and commercial litigations, alienated for making a prejudice on one party present in the trial, for obtaining judicial evidences and recovering activities.

• Obtaining evidences of adultery and sexual harassment, or in any other private interest cases; kidnapping, confinement, missing persons, coercing forced labour activities.

• Psychological studies and evaluations (including polygraph testing).

• Screening archive of documents, setting the genealogical tree.

• Verifying and surveilling the persons within under-aged person's anturage.

• Consultancy concerning investigation services.

• Other investigations upon the client's request.

The reports prepared by our investigators do not contain personal interpretations, but are limited to presenting exact evidences, as they were managed, in full conformity with legal provisions. Also, the observations registered by the investigators of our company and offered to customers at the end of working procedures, can be used as evidence in justice trials or applications.