servicii de investigatii private
  • The first step to be happy is not having enough time to consider unhappiness. (G.B.Shaw)


The cost of the work will undoubtedly be an important factor in your decision. There is no fixed or invariable price, there is no fixed success rate in hiring a detective, so working time and costs will vary greatly depending on the exact needs of each case.

Special investigations cost more than research investigations, monitoring, and the prices of each will oscillate within those limits.

Try to collaborate with a detective to determine as much as possible your costs, advances, and make sure there are no hidden costs that you will not be able to afford.

Finding a good detective can ask you to give yourself some time and energy in his search, but you will save a lot of headaches. Trust your instinct when choosing a detective agency, and will be likely a positive result if follow these simple rules:

  • The company providing the investigative activities be licensed;
  • The company concludes a service contract with the client and provides for the confidentiality clause in which the parties agree that, throughout the contract and after the contract ends, not to transmit data or information that they have gained during the execution of the work to unauthorized persons or unapproved;
  • The company has specialists, collaborators, in several fields, so that the interventions and the procedures performed are of high professionalism;
  • The company has the knowledge base / background and necessary experience, as well as management capabilities to support the whole investigating process.

In trying to have affordable prices for all customers, we have applied competitive rates, which vary depending on the service requested, the location chosen, the duration of the investigations or other factors. The price of private investigations is usually defined by us based on a number of factors that can cause the difficulty of the professional service required, as follows:

  • Type of necessary investigative acts required and their purposes;
  • Specific law to be enforced in court;
  • Objective complexity of investigations;
  • Any research and information gathering activity required to carry out investigations;
  • Cities and places interested in polls, research or information;
  • Number of hours needed to reach the goal;
  • Number of detectives or persons employed for the professional assignment;
  • Number of vehicles used for tracking and monitoring;
  • Technologies to be adopted to support detectives during investigations;
  • Any measure taken for the individual, physical and legal security involved in the case

The cost of services depends on the issues raised, complexity of the operation, and so on.

For a fair pricing, please send an email to the address mentioned on the site, or plan your visit so that we can discuss and analyze every detail of your case.


  1. Emergency supervision for at least 2 hours - up to 12 hours
    Includes standard photos, digital photo, video, and other documents.

The full price is paid in advance
Tariff: 35 euro / hour / team

  1. Surveillance (tracking) for several days, with one car or one team.

Includes real-time reports, final report, standard photos, digital photo, digital video, and other documents. The time required for surveillance must be at least 5 hours - max 10 hours / day, and should be spread over a minimum of 3 days / week, with the sum of hours for a maximum of 90 days (3 months).

For the need for multiple machines, or more teams of people, the tariff will be negotiated.

Advance: 30 - 70% of the total price anticipated at the time of taking over the case


<8 hours - 23 euro / hour

9 - 36 hours - 20 euro / hour

37-72 hours – 16,5 euro / hour

73-120 hours – 13,5 euro / hour

> 121 hours - 10 euro / hour

165 euro / day / maximum 10 hours / minimum 3 days of surveillance

  1. Business investigations "undercover"

Frequently involves investigating employee situations where there is theft, harassment or other situations.

25 euro / hour or 150 euro / day (for a program of 8-10 hours), at least 3 days per infiltrating person.

For 3 days, the price is fully paid in advance

Rate: 25 euro / hour

For more than 3 days, an advance of 50% of the total price is paid

Rate: 150 euro / day/ person

  1. Individual searches

If you want to order a single search, for example, a search for copyright, a search for bankruptcy, civil status, etc, our tax is always between 10 - 100 euro + other taxes of government institutions.

For example: a bankruptcy search of a company, tarriff is 20 euro + tax at the National Trade Registry Office


In some searches, some laws and government restrictions may apply.

The full price is paid in advance

Tariff: 10 - 100 euro / search

  1. Tariff for full investigation of personal assets

It is a complete investigation of a natural person and includes: confirmation of a telephone number, confirmation of whether it owns a vehicle, search for an address, search for properties, search for loans, securities, loans, investments, business and jobs, children, etc.

A full search for civil litigation and search in the media is also carried out.

If the person is deceased, gone out of the country or was not found, the price will not be reduced.

We offer only complete investigations of a person's assets. In this package, we do not offer the investigation service "only if employed" or "only if married", etc. Any punctual investigation enters the tariffs in point 4.

Advance: 50% of the price at the time of taking over the case
Tariff: 850-1500 euro / person

  1. Tariff for full investigation of corporate assets

An investigation of corporate assets includes thorough and substantive verification, such as: company information, shareholder information, leasing information, loan search, guarantees, loans, investments, etc.

A full search for civil litigation and search in the media is also carried out

If the company is bankrupt, insolvent, the tariff is not negotiated.

We offer only complete investigations of the assets. In this package, we do not offer investigation services such as "only securities" or "only litigation", etc. Any punctual investigation enters the tariffs in point 4.

Advance: 50% of the price at the time of taking over the case

Tariff: 850 - 1500 euro / company


You do not need the consent of a person to conduct a background investigation. To act in investigating a natural or legal person, you must be able to demonstrate that there are suggestive signs of infidelity, blackmail, a clear debt, a loan, a theft, or there is a legal process, etc.

You need to convince us of a real and legal goal in what we are going to do!

We can not report a person's criminal record!

We can not report a person's bank accounts (closed /open) and their value!

We do not have the hacking expertise to find out everything from a person's profile, phone or computer!


  1. Tariff for looking for a person, with a working time of 1 to 3 days (search time may vary depending on the difficulty)
  2. If within 3 days the person was not found, the case would be treated as a general tracking option and will incur other costs.

    In order to take over the case, you must have the following information:

    • Name / surname of the person
    • Last known address in the last 5 years
    • ID number person or serie, no. BI / CI.

    Advance: 55 euro at the time of taking over the case

    Rate: 185 euro / person

    1. If we do not find the person, we will charge you a modest amount for a complete investigation report and for our efforts.

    The full price is paid in advance

    Rate: 55 euro / person

    Very useful information !

    • Kammy Detective does not charge any consulting fees, and the first official visit is always free.
    • If the surveillance action (spying), monitoring, search, takes place in a different locality than the one in Bucharest and its neighboring areas, each km is charged with 0.6 euros.
    • Also, the expenses related to accommodation and other unforeseen expenses (such as restaurant consumption, bar, objective entries, etc.) are also charged.
    • Rates remain the same for weekends.
    • Our company is not paying VAT, so the rates do not contain this tax.
    • It is best to call our office before ordering any search or having a meeting with a company representative.
    • We do not sympathize with the notion "of urgent," so it is good to ask for our help a few days in advance of the moment of action.
    • Discounts:
      • 8% for individuals who want to supervise their partner, and previously had a service contract (proven by reports or other documents) with other detective agencies;
      • 10% for individuals who have income below the minimum income in the country of origin (proven by salary documents, unemployment benefits, etc.);
      • No reductions are added.
    • For contracts whose validity exceeds 12 months, the tariffs will be negotiated so that their value is reasonable and accepted by both parties;
    • We mention that we only take cases that we are convinced that we can accomplish and which (at the request and counter-cost) we can prove before the court or other public authorities.

    What are the investigation activities considered "illegal"?

    Talking about pricing or costing estimates, we are often asked in customer requests (either from ignorance, bad will or incitement to a challenge action) if we intercept or know the content of private conversations, chat, email, belonging to to some subjects. As a simplification and not exhaustive list, we list some "illegal" activities we do not do:

    • We do not intercept phone calls or conversations between people;
    • We do not access databases;
    • We do not provide telephone traffic records;
    • We do not violate the privacy of people;
    • We do not install bugs, tracking software or anything else illegal;
    • In general, we do not perform operations that are not permitted by law.

    When we say illegal, do not want you to interpret that "only Kammy Detective can not do"; this can not be done by any detective company because it is not allowed by law. The sanctions provided for these offenses are up to 7 (seven) years of prison, both for the provider of these services and for their recipient; and any "proof" found with this behavior is completely useless in any legal process!

    At this point, we would like to remind you that there are other methods of investigation, legal, in order to obtain solid evidence, valid for legal purposes as well.